LoMo M1 Lowering Module
  • LoMo M1 Lowering Module
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LoMo M1 lowering module by loweringmodule.com. The ultimate lowering module solution gets even better!  Adjust the ride height  via the instrument cluster. Uses the factory steering wheel functions to bring up the suspension ride height settings. Using the + and - buttons on your steering wheel raises and lowers your car!

Works with all ABC and AIRMATIC vehicles except 2003 SL and W215 CL and W220 S Class.

The LoMo M1 does away with laptops, no more driver issues, no flat screen panels, and no remote controls no bluetooth compabibilty issues. The M1 controls all functions directly through the instrument cluster. You have total control of your ride height at any time. Total integration into the CAN-BUS system of the vehicle means you can change the height or turn on/ off the module at anytime.
Key features:
  • Complete integration in the CAN network - just like factory!
  • No power consumption when car is off with our power down and wakeup capability
  • Speed height settings can be turned on or off (NEW)
  • Calibration mode (NEW) allows for side to side adjustment now.
  • Set the ride height with the steering wheel buttons (front and rear axle independently)
  • Easy Plug and Play installation with our optional QuickConnect harness
  • No soldering required.
  • Automatic detection of trailers - for those with  SUV's the module will shut off when a trailer is connected.
  • Can be easily turned on or off via the steering wheel buttons.

Make sure to check out our intallation and operational videos on youtube at http://goo.gl/dk2T10


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