MBH  E 63 Headers
  • MBH  E 63 Headers
Price: $3,095.00
Brand: MBH
Product Code: MBH - Headers for E 63
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- Adds 35-40 HP - 2.0” Primary pipe design. (all other competitor headers only use 1-7/8”) “True” sequential firing order design. This results in cylinder “scavenging” which improves engine efficiency by utilizing the velocity of each exhaust stroke in order to draw fresh air into each cylinder ready for the next combustion cycle. 
- “Try-Y” design. Specifically for the normally aspirated 63-AMG engine, this “Try-Y” header design further optimizes scavenging effect which dramatically increases top end power while optimizing low to mid range torque. 
- One piece “mono-flange” design ensures a positive exhaust manifold seal. (other competitor headers relief cut the flash resulting in warped flanges and poor seal.)
- 304 stainless steel 2.0” primary header pipes with 321 stainless flanges.
- Pre and post cat O2 sensor bungs Includes all new gaskets and additional installation hardware
All MBH headers are MADE IN THE USA with American steel!!! The horsepower gains are HUGE over the stock “log” manifolds, and crushing competitor "shorty" Chinese made headers.

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