MBH  E/CLS 55 Headers
  • MBH  E/CLS 55 Headers
Price: $2,995.00
Brand: MBH
Product Code: MBH - Headers for E / CLS 55
Availability: In Stock
Simply the best header on the market!  The MBH E/CLS 55 header will add 40+hp and features the following :
- “True” sequential firing order design
- 1.75” 321 stainless steel primary pipes
- 321 ½” thick stainless steel flanges
- Pre and post cat O2 sensor bungs
- Left and Right test pipes included
- Bottom: 3” header flange to test-pipe adaptors included.
-One piece “mono-flange” design ensures a positive exhaust manifold seal. (other competitor headers relief cut the flash resulting in warped flanges and poor seal.)
- TIG welded, with full back purge, and built by hand by  master fabricators. This is the same craftsmanship and quality of materials that goes into INDY car headers made by the same hands which make all MBH AMG-63 and AMG-55 headers.
(Note): Requires welding existing OE exhaust to header test pipe daptors...simple!

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